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Outlook Web Access (OWA) : Allows employees to use their e-mail and calendars from outside Internet locations, such as home, another Weyerhaeuser unit, the library, airport terminals, etc.  To access your email and calendar, you will need a company network account and password.


Secure Remote Access: Provides employees access from home to the same e‑mail/calendar, applications, file shares and other services they have on their computers at work. To access your computer, you will need a company network account/password and your computer powered up.


Citrix: Allows employees to access the internal resources they have permissions to from outside the company network including their work computers, intranet and internal applications.  To access Citrix you will need a company network account and password.


myGuide Access: Allows access directly to myGuide Employee and Manager Services for benefits, payroll and other related information.

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